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Femtocells 'raise importance' of fixed-broadband

16 февраля 2011

Femtocells provide an opportunity for Internet service providers to differentiate their services by partnering with mobile operators, according to kit maker Ubiquisys.

The company explained to Total Telecom ahead of Mobile World Congress that growing femtocell uptake by consumers is likely to prompt fixed and mobile operators to re-think their relationship to one another.

"Femtocell uptake raises the importance of fixed broadband," said Keith Day, vice president of marketing at Ubiquisys.

Indeed, while macro base stations connect to the operator's core network via dedicated backhaul networks, femtocells rely on the customer's home broadband connection.

"[Home broadband] stops being a best effort network and becomes – as far as mobile operators are concerned – a vitally important way of backhauling large amounts of data," he said. "It changes the dynamic between fixed and mobile [operators]."

Day noted that as the femtocell market matures it could also turn up fresh commercial opportunities for ISPs.

"Femtocells move fixed players further up the value chain then they could also offer new opportunities for them to partner with mobile operators to differentiate their services," he said.

U.K.-based Ubiquisys offers a raft of residential, enterprise and outdoor small cell products, and in late January unveiled its first attocell – a portable femtocell that plugs into a PC and enables users to avoid roaming charges by producing a low-power 3G signal that automatically adjusts so that it falls below the licensed level in any country.

Источник: Total Telecom

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