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NEC Launches ‘Cloud in Your Pocket’

16 февраля 2011

NEC announced the launch of “Cloud in Your Pocket”, the first mobile cloud service that provides connected and non-connected users with ubiquitous, secure and reliable access to their cloud resources and cloud environment, whether they are on- or off-line or have access to high-speed broadband.

“The NEC Cloud in Your Pocket has made the Mobile Cloud a reality by enabling mobile operators to provide pervasive mobile access to cloud resources – and profit from new services over the Cloud,” said Jaime Serrano, Cloud NEC Europe VP, President & CEO, NEC Iberica. “For the first time, a Cloud working environment is available anytime, anywhere and regardless of online connectivity or broadband speeds. Users can continue to manage and process their work even, for example, while in-flight and synchronise any updates via the Cloud as soon as they land at the airport.”

NEC has developed mobile cloud software that can be installed on a small, personal cloud device - “Cloud in Your Pocket” – such as a 3G/LTE modem or USB dongle. The Cloud in Your Pocket software allows users when offline or experiencing poor connectivity conditions to update and manage their own Cloud resources and data. Once connectivity is re-established data is synchronized immediately and backed-up at a secure carrier or data centre. Crucially, it provides a safe environment when used with any PC, laptop or thin client by automatically encrypting information and applications.

Should the user lose or forget their Cloud in Your Pocket device, they can gain access to their cloud resources from any online connected device while they wait for a replacement.

NEC has developed a suite of Cloud in Your Pocket services including Small Business Cloud in Your Pocket; Enterprise Cloud in Your Pocket; SaaS (*1) Cloud in Your Pocket and Virtual Desktop Cloud in Your Pocket.

“The NEC Cloud in a Pocket suite of services changes the dynamics of the Cloud and liberates the Mobile Cloud. It is no longer a set of services limited by connectivity and bandwidth. The always accessible, secure functionality of Cloud in Your Pocket will propel the Cloud to the dominant method of IT delivery, enabling carriers to enter a new cloud era and monetize their existing and future infrastructure investments,” continued Mr Serrano.

NEC Cloud in a Pocket is available now and will be offered through different carriers as well as to enterprise customers. It can be deployed at public, private or hybrid clouds.


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