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Amazon Gearing Up for Android Tablet Launch

04 мая 2011

Further rumours that Amazon is planning to launch an Android based tablet later this year after suggestions that Taiwan-based notebook maker Quanta Computer has received orders from Amazon to start production of the device.

Taiwan based DigiTimes also reported that electrophoretic display (EPD) maker E Ink Holdings (EIH) is supplying touch screen display as well as providing its Fringe Field Switching (FFS) technology.

The combination of Android functionality with an e-ink screen that would be readable in bright sunlight is widely expected to be a very popular device in the run up to the key holiday sales period.

The device's monthly orders during the peak season are expected to reach about 700,000-800,000 units and Quanta is expected to start shipping as soon as the second half of 2011, DigiTimes added, citing indirect evidence from upstream component suppliers.

In addition to (allegedly) Amazon, Quanta is currently also the tablet PC OEM partner of RIM and Sony.

Источник: Cellular news

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