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Latin American Operators Take Mobile Banking to the Masses

12 мая 2011

Pyramid Research estimates that the number of mobile banking users in Latin America will grow 65 percent between 2010 and 2015, from around 18 million users to over 140 million users, according to a new report.

Pyramid Research believes that Latin America has achieved the right conditions to smoothly increase the uptake of mobile financial services, including banking and payments. Banking penetration is low in Latin America, but by 2015 85 percent of the total population will be an active user of a mobile device, making those devices a clear entry point for adjacent services, such as payments, banking and remittances.

"Technological advances are making the fulfillment of the promise of a broad mobile banking and payment service a real possibility," says Jose Magana, Senior Analyst at Pyramid. "Also, all larger markets in Latin America have more than 35 percent of their population under the age of 24, making this the perfect time for operators to focus on mobile banking services," he adds.

"Mobile operators will benefit from mobile banking in multiple ways - from more airtime purchases, more billable network traffic, such as data and SMS, and an increase in customer loyalty, thus improving the churn rate," indicates Magana. "They can help the system to be faster providing back-end services through their network, handling large amounts of data smoothly and bringing to their network handsets that are payment friendly by partnering with payment vendors, such as Visa or MasterCard," Magana adds.

Latin American operators can help the system to gain traction by leveraging its network of users and resellers to push for the service. "Operators can also make the process cheaper by cutting paperwork and economic inefficiencies," notes Magana.


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