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Raritan dcTrack© Software Delivers New Intelligent 'Search, Place and Reserve' Tools

10 июня 2011

dcTrack Version 2.5 software's change, capacity and asset management tools help maximize data center efficiency and find stranded capacity.

Raritan today introduced new data center infrastructure management (DCIM) tools to help managers easily find available space, power and network connectivity within their data centers in order to add or change IT equipment. The new web-based tools in dcTrack DCIM software Release 2.5, which is available worldwide starting today, help data center managers obtain the most from their existing capacity.

dcTrack gathers accurate data by drilling down deep into the infrastructure layers of the data center - providing valuable information on where best to place servers and devices in racks, as well as how best to provision network, cabling, and power connectivity to those devices. An interactive visualization dashboard delivers accurate, real-time information about facilities, networks and IT, as well as other tools and processes - which help IT workers make informed capacity management decisions and keep accurate track of data center assets. dcTrack software also monitors, tracks and analyzes the entire power chain, including power loads and environmental data.

"dcTrack excels at managing and visualizing physical and logical relationships among all the assets in today's multi-vendor, multi-site data center environments, so that managers can efficiently manage assets and power capacity - which help lower operational costs and defer capital expenditures," said James Cerwinski, Product Manager at Raritan. "Raritan's dcTrack offers advantages over other DCIM market offerings by being both powerful and easy use.° The powerful intelligent search feature automatically correlates power, space and network constrains to provide data center managers the answers they need when they need them; just enter the make and model of a sever and dcTrack does the work."

New tools in dcTrack V 2.5 include:

Intelligent 'Capacity Search, Place and Reserve' Tool - Quickly find space, power and network connectivity for IT devices, simplifying capacity planning and change management. Capacity can be reserved by dcTrack for future provisioning of new IT equipment.  Also, provides "Best Fit Options" to reserve or place equipment.

Capacity Management Dashboard - provides real-time resource utilization data for better electrical, cooling, floor, cabinet, cable and network capacity planning. Quickly shows how much capacity is being used and, more importantly, how much is available. dcTrack's real-time IT and facilities efficiency and utilization metrics provide accurate answers to: Јhow much space, power or networking do I have?

Complete Power Distribution Management - dcTrack uniquely offers complete power chain management. Power management begins with the UPS power feeds, supporting virtually any type of power distribution design. It determines the power loads at any point in the circuit path using derated values and actual readings.

Web Service API for Ticket Systems - Integrate with BMC Remedy, LANDesk, and other third-party systems to create seamless flow-through operations from ticket creation to data center deployment. This makes it easier to add devices and improves the accuracy of asset management.

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