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Cloud-based gaming service launches in the UK

26 сентября 2011

UK incumbent BT has announced the launch of a new cloud-based gaming service, in conjunction with OnLive. The service, which is available in the UK exclusively via BT Broadband, will enable customers to access more than 100 video games, streamed into homes via the internet.

The system, which went live in the US in June 2010 eschews conventional games console hardware for content streamed from remote data centres using advanced video compression techniques to keep the bandwidth requirements manageable.

OnLive’s chief executive Steve Perlman told the BBC that a 1Mbps connection was required for a tablet device, but a high definition TV experience would require at least 5Mbps. BT itself said that a 3Mbps second broadband connection would be the minimum required but naturally, is promoting its Infinity fibre-based service as an ideal partner.

“This is a fantastic new service for the UK,” said Warren Buckley, managing director of BT Retail’s customer service, in a statement. “This is yet another reason for customers to choose BT for their broadband. Of course, our superfast, up to 40Mbps BT Infinity fibre broadband, is ideal for something like OnLive gaming.”

One of the key advantages of the service is that as games become more powerful users can continue to play them on the same device at home as all processing is done at the data centres. This highlights the rise of the cloud services and the importance of fast and reliable broadband infrastructure to support them.

OnLive founder and chief executive Steve Perlman, said: “OnLive gives you the latest games instantly, anytime, anywhere on HDTV, PC, Mac, as well as soon on iPad and Android tablets. OnLive is incredibly excited about its partnership with BT. In particular, the performance of OnLive over BT Infinity fibre broadband is nothing short of extraordinary.”

BT customers who sign up by 9 October 2011 will be able to access the service free for three months and thereafter will be charged £6.99 a month.

Источник: telecoms.com

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