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TeliaSonera and Net4Mobility Buy More Radio Spectrum in Sweden

14 октября 2011

Sweden's telecoms regulator has concluded the first round in radio spectrum auction, and awarded additional 1800Mhz spectrum to Net4Mobility and TeliaSonera. The second part of the auction continues next week.

The auction of the 1800 MHz-band takes place in two stages and the first stage concluded after 18 bidding rounds. Three bidders participated and bid for a total of 2x35 MHz, divided into seven frequency blocks of 2x5 MHz each.

Hi3G Access also participated but did not win any blocks in stage 1 of the auction.

Stage 2 - placement of new and already assigned spectrum

In stage 2 the placement of the bidders' spectrum in the band is determined. The winning bidders from the first stage and the existing licensees who already have licenses in the band may participate. The placement stage therefore includes 2 x 70 MHz. All licensees in the band are guaranteed to have contiguous spectrum.

Stage 2 of the auction starts on Monday and is expected to end in two working days.

After stage 2 is finished PTS will publish the placement of the licensees in the band and the total amount of auction proceeds they will pay for stage 1 and stage 2 together.

Winning Spectrum Bids


Block/Amount of frequencies

Price SEK


2 blocks, 2x10 MHz


TeliaSonera Mobile Networks

5 blocks, 2x25 MHz


Total bid sum




Источник: Cellular news

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