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Ofcom outlines spectrum plans during Olympics

24 января 2012

U.K. communications regulator Ofcom Monday outlined its plans to ensure there is enough mobile spectrum available during the Olympic and Paralympic Games later this year, as demand from wireless technologies is expected to more than double in London during the seven weeks they are held.

To meet the extra demands of broadcasters, media and the London 2012 Organising Committee during the games, Ofcom will secure additional capacity by borrowing spectrum on a short-term basis from public sector bodies such as the Ministry of Defense.

In addition, Ofcom will ensure that civil spectrum is used "efficiently by making unused frequencies available," as well as making use of spectrum freed up by the digital switchover. It will also allow the use of spectrum that is available without the need for a license.

 Ofcom Chief Operating Officer Jill Ainscough said the U.K.'s airwaves are "already among the most intensively used in the world," and the London 2012 Games will "significantly increase demand."

"We are working behind the scenes to make this capacity available, to ensure that this demand is met," she said.

Ofcom has built a spectrum assignment system that will carefully manage access to spectrum, keeping it both free for those who need it and free of interference. A modern sensor network has also been built across the country to identify any interference issues before they arise.

The regulator will also deploy a large team of radio engineers to track down and deal with any cases of interference that do occur during the games. It will also supplement its field engineering team with people from other European countries.

Ofcom has run a series of test events over the past two years in preparation for increased spectrum demand during the games. It will also be responsible for managing the airwaves during the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, which will take place between June 2-5 2012.

Источник: Total Telecom

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