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Mobile Shopping Across Europe Has Grown by 510% in Just Two Years

01 февраля 2012

European online shoppers are expected to spend €14.6bn on mobile devices in 2012, up from €2.4bn in 2010, according to a survey commissioned by Kelkoo.

The report reveals that mobile shopping across Europe will increase from just €2.4bn in 2010 to €14.6bn by the end of 2012, accelerated growth of 510% in just two years. With total European online sales set to increase by 16% in 2012 and smartphone usage at a record high, shopping using mobile devices will become an increasingly important part of retail sales, set to represent 6.1% of all online retail spending in Europe this year.

For the third year running, consumers in the UK are predicted to be the biggest mobile shoppers in Europe in 2012 and are expected to spend €5.4 billion using mobile devices. This is followed by consumers in Germany (€3.2bn) and France (€2.2bn). The Spanish will spend the least on mobile shopping this year at just €0.2bn closely followed by the Danes (€0.3bn). The UK also tops Europe for the highest proportion of all online spending using a mobile at 7.9%. Conversely, those in Poland (4.1%), France (4.6%) Denmark (5%) and Italy (5.3%) are expected to spend the lowest proportion of their online budget on their mobiles.

European mobile retail growth to date
With 38% of all mobile users across Europe owning a smartphone - totalling 122.8 million phones in 2011 - the prevalence of mobile retail in Europe is expected to increase. Again, the UK tops the European table for smartphone ownership with 46% of mobile phone users owning a smartphone, accounting for 24.6 million phones in the UK. Surprisingly, despite spending the least on mobile shopping, Spain accounts for the second highest smartphone penetration in Europe (45% or 15.9 million phones).

When we look at spending per person, those in the UK spent the most through their mobile devices in 2011 at €226 each. Despite having the third lowest overall mobile spend in 2011, those in Norway actually spent the second highest amount via a mobile device per person at €189, quickly followed by those in Sweden (€173). All of these countries are higher than the European average of €117. Comparatively, those in Italy (€27), Spain (€50) and Poland (€53) spent the least.

Chris Simpson, CMO Kelkoo, comments: "Over the last two years, shopping on mobile phones has increased exponentially as a result of simple and secure payment systems, better functionality and increased uptake of 'always on' mobile devices such as iPads and tablets. The fact that mobile retailing has grown by a staggering 510% since 2010 alone highlights how European consumers are going beyond the PC to find the best online prices wherever they are. At Kelkoo we've seen phenomenal growth in mobile shopping comparisons and we'll be working with our retailers to make the mobile shopping experience as easy as possible from comparison to purchase."

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