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Vodafone, Visa launch NFC m-payments service

28 февраля 2012

Vodafone is working in partnership with Visa to bring mobile payment services, based on near-field communication (NFC) technology, to its global footprint starting with key markets in Western Europe.

″We start with five European countries... but we want to roll it out worldwide,″ Vodafone CEO Vittorio Colao announced on Monday.

The launch markets will be Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Turkey and the U.K., with services becoming commercially available in the next financial year. Vodafone's financial year ends on 31 March.

Initially customers will have a Vodafone-branded stored value account, based on the Visa prepaid account. However, Vodafone and Visa are also working to bring on board issuers of Visa cards worldwide.

In markets with a mature infrastructure for electronic payments, such as Europe, North America and Australia, users will be able to pay for low-value goods – such as coffee, newspapers or train tickets - by waving their NFC-capable handset in front of a payment terminal at the point of sale. Higher value purchases will require a passcode.

″[I find it strange that] Tanzania and Kenya enjoy mobile money and more advanced markets don't,″ said Colao, referring to the fact that m-payment services launched to date have for the most part focused on developing markets.

Monday's announcement forms part of Vodafone's wider mobile commerce strategy, through which it plans to make its m-payments platform available to partners in all relevant industries.

″Vodafone is in discussions with a large number of service providers - including banks, retailers, transport and utility companies, event organisers, smartphone application developers and advertisers - to host a broad range of services within an innovative new Vodafone 'virtual' mobile wallet,″ the mobile operator said in a statement.

Источник: Total Telecom

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