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European 3G Penetration Passes 10%

20 декабря 2007

The penetration of 3G services in Europe's connection base reached 10% in the latter part of October 2007, having stood at 9.75% at the end of the third quarter.

W-CDMA net additions reached a record 9.1 million in the third quarter, up more than 1 million on the previous high of 8 million recorded three months ago, to leave the total customer base at 68.3 million.European 3G Penetration Passes 10%

Growth in the 3G base over the year to 30th September amounted to 85.7%, compared to an underlying rate in the GSM base which fell to 8.2% as customer numbers climbed to 630.8 million. Of course what we are talking about here is pure-GSM connections: every W-CDMA phone which has been shipped has been tri-band or quad-band and had backwards compatibility with existing 2G and 2.5G networks.

In the June quarter the number of new W-CDMA connections exceeded the number of additional pure GSM connections for the first time, but this wasn't to be three months later (despite the increased net additions in the 3G department) as 11 million new GSM customers joined the ranks.

The overwhelming majority of European mobile customers used either GSM or combined GSM/W-CDMA services at the end of September 2007, as they did last year. Just 0.16% of the European base - about 1.12 million connections - is accounted for by technologies outside of the GSM family. The majority of just under 1 million are CDMA connections in one of Europe's seven active CDMA markets; the remainder are accounted for by analogue devices, the majority of which are in the Swedish market where Telia still operates an NMT network in remote areas of the country.

The number of analogue connections fell by 47k or 22.1% in the year to 30th September 2007, whilst the number of CDMA customers increased by 28.0% - well above the regional growth rate of 12.8%. However, in absolute terms this only amounted to just over 200k customers, raising the contribution of the CDMA customer base from 0.12% to 0.14% of the continental total, but making very little difference to the overall picture.

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