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Capacity Shortage Ahead? Euroconsult Has Info For You!

25 декабря 2007

Euroconsult and LSE joined forces to measure and analyze Ku-band loading, issuing the first commercially available report: Ku-band Loading Report for Europe, Middle East & North Africa.

Euroconsult, in cooperation with London Satellite Exchange (LSE), announced that out of 1,700 operational transponders targeting Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, approximately 90 percent were fully or partially used during the first official measurement campaign conducted in the region — actual usage was around 27,500 MHz. This average market assessment points to the risk of capacity shortage for certain orbital positions and applications. In a regional market where over 70 percent of capacity is leased for broadcast applications, strong market disparities exist between leading orbital positions providing video distribution services and less developed positions primarily serving the voice and data markets. Capacity Shortage Ahead? Euroconsult Has Info For You!


The report offers unique market information and provides a critical new element in competitive intelligence, enabling more insightful and precise business planning. Another key finding is the strong positioning of all regional market players as opposed to international competitors. On average, regional competitors prove to have an average loading factor rate in MHz 20 percent higher than non-EMEA based competitors. This report measures and analyzes Ku-band satellites and their transponders providing service over the region, including Arabsat, Eutelsat, Intelsat, Hellas Sat, Hispasat, Nilesat, RSCC, SES, Telesat, and Turksat. The Ku-Band Loading Report,
Europe, Middle East & North Africa (2007) is the first commercially available measurement and analysis of all the Ku-band satellites and their transponders providing service over the region.

Источник: http://www.satnews.com

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