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Millions of Americans will buy Windows smartphones this year

19 июля 2012

Microsoft's Windows Phone operating system will capture a 4% share of the growing U.S. smartphone market this year, up from 3% in 2011, Strategy Analytics predicted on Wednesday.

U.S. mobile users will buy 123 million smartphones in 2012 compared with 102 million last year; Windows-driven devices will account for 5 million of those, the analyst firm predicts, up from 3.5 million.

But while Microsoft's share is growing, its sales figures still pale into insignificance compared with those of its rivals.

"Microsoft's U.S. smartphone market share remains relatively niche at present and breaking the stranglehold of leaders Android and Apple will not be easy," said Neil Mawston, executive director at Strategy Analytics, in a statement.

The analyst firm did not split out figures for Android or Apple-powered devices.

However, earlier this year Nielsen revealed that 48% of U.S. smartphone owners have an Android-based device, while 32% opted for Apple. Microsoft formed part of the 'other' category, which claimed 8% of the market.

And according to Nielsen, data covering recent acquirers of smartphones in the U.S. suggests the dominance of the big two is unlikely to wane. Of those who bought a smartphone in the three months to February 2012, 48% opted for Android and 43% for Apple, with the 'other' segment slipping to just 4%.

If Microsoft it to have a hope of competing more effectively with the big guns – and many in the industry believe it has already missed the boat – it will have to take action.

According to Mawston, there are a number of issues the software will need to resolve it order to increase its presence.

"To grow further we believe future versions of Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 platform will need to dramatically improve support for advanced technologies like multi-core chipsets, enhance the Marketplace app store, expand the number of phone models available from major partners like Nokia or Samsung, and consider reducing the licence fees it charges per unit to smartphone makers," he advised.


Источник: Total Telecom

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