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More Than Chocolates For Eutelsat From Switzerland

21 января 2008

Eutelsat Communications has a major contract for its new Tooway satellite broadband Ka-band service with Swisscom, Switzerland’s leading telecom company.

Eutelsat’s service is the satellite component of a universal broadband program for all Swiss homes. Swisscom won a tender from the Swiss Ministry for Telecommunications to make broadband connectivity available as from January 2008 to all residential Swiss customers, irrespective of their location. Launched in Europe in late 2007, Tooway unites the skills of Eutelsat and ViaSat.More Than Chocolates For Eutelsat From Switzerland

Ka-band capacity on Eutelsat’s HOT BIRD 6 satellite for both forward and return links, Tooway is based on the SurfBeam DOCSIS broadband satellite system developed by ViaSat and already widely deployed in North America. ViaSat’s SurfBeam DOCSIS terminals are used by more than 325,000 subscriber homes in North America to deliver ADSL-like services, with a peak of almost 90,000 units shipped over the last three months. From its position in orbit at 13° E, HOT BIRD 6 provides Swisscom with full coverage of Swiss territory. The service will be supplied to households via Bluewin, Swisscom’s Internet Service Provider. From its Zurich facilities, Bluewin will be connected by fiber to the Tooway Network Operation Center managed by Eutelsat’s broadband affiliate Skylogic in Turin. For the user, the compact Tooway consumer satellite terminal comprises an Outdoor Unit (ODU) with a 67cm dish and an Indoor Unit (IDU) or modem that interfaces to a PC or home network via a standard Ethernet connection.

Источник: http://www.satnews.com

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