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Deutsche Telekom agrees agricultural M2M deal

23 октября 2012

Deutsche Telekom has moved into the agriculture market following an M2M deal with MEDRIA Technologies.

Around 5,000 farms across Europe are set to be equipped with technology that will notify farmers automatically when calving begins or when their cows are "on heat".

Specifically, farms will receive Telekom SIM cards from the Germany-based operator and Vel'Phone and HeatPhone monitoring solutions from France-based MEDRIA.

The Telekom SIM cards will be housed in M2M data collection devices in a cow's stable or in their field, and sensors will then be used to measure each animal's vital data.

This information will then be relayed to a data collection service that will in turn notify a farmer via SMS immediately when a cow is about to calve or when a cow is "on heat".

"M2M solutions deliver major benefits in nearly all industries," commented Jurgen Hase, head of DT's M2M Competence Centre.

"That is why we are banking on innovative partners like MEDRIA Technologies who know the specific demand and use cases in their industry."

Emmanuel Mounier, MEDRIA's managing director, said that working with the operator will help to ensure that important information is relayed "securely" so that it remains "highly available".

Earlier this month, DT announced it was moving into the heavy industrial sector following a collaboration with Digi International.


Источник: European Communications

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