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Energy usage in data center racks: Raritan integrates JouleX Energy Manager with its intelligent power distribution units

25 января 2013

Raritan announced it has extended the functionality of its market leading intelligent power distribution units (iPDU).

The company's new partnership with energy management specialist JouleX has resulted in it being possible to integrate the JouleX Energy Manager (JEM) software with Raritan’s iPDUs. The software enables management of energy consumption in data centers and offices, providing organizations with the tools to reduce energy usage and organizational risk. JEM works in an agentless fashion, i.e. without the need for installation of software agents on individual energy consuming devices. The functionality resulting from the integration of the JouleX Energy Manager into Raritan products can be seen by visitors to the Gold Exhibitors' Area (G2) at the Cisco Live Exhibition, which is being held from 28 January to 1 February 2013 at ICC London ExCel.
With the integration of JEM, Raritan’s power distribution units now have access to the software platform of another professional partner. Alongside Raritan's own energy management software for data centers, Power IQ, which accurately measures the flowing current (amps) and the kilowatt hours (kWh) of energy consumed by all the devices connected to the network. The standard deviation of such measurements is a maximum of +/- 1 percent. Such functionality provides data center managers with greater transparency with regard to energy consumption and device loads, making it easier to identify "energy guzzlers". Furthermore the remote control capabilities offered by the Raritan iPDUs provide further energy saving potential, enabling currently unused or underutilized devices to be safely turned off. The remote control functionality likewise allows devices to be turned on when required. Data center managers can use the sensors provided to ensure comprehensive rack management.
“Raritan customers around the globe are recognizing the importance of managing energy across their organizations,” Stuart Hopper, VP Sales & Marketing for Europe at Raritan. “Raritan helps customers gain a more detailed and complete picture of power consumption within the data center rack space and provides remote management capabilities to improve energy efficiency and reduce costs.”
Raritan's products will be on show at the Cisco Live London 2013 Exhibition on Raritan's own stand (EW 5), on the JouleX stand in the Gold Exhibitors' Area (G2), and in the Cisco EnergyWise and CommScope areas.

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