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IKS-magazine #2 (February) 2006

26 февраля 2006


Editor’s column

Topical commentary
FMC: a new myth in the incubation period


Person of the issue
G. SPARROW: “It is better to communicate with children in Russian”.

Company news

  • Operators and supervision: transitional period testing
  • Moscow and St. Petersburg – at turbo speeds
  • A. GYDASPOV. From the third to the fourth. Reporting from the 10th 3G Congress in Hong Kong
  • CDMA in Russia: aiming to outpace. Promising results
  • Security of companies: no correlation of risks and measures

    Mobile region
    O. PANKRATOVA. CIS: Russia is building a mobile empire

    Calendar of events

    New equipment

    Cover story

    Sale Going On-Line: Fashion or Tendency?

    Business in the Web: begin or postpone
    Integrating with ERP. Interview with V.A. VERTOGRADOV.
    From Developers to Operators. Interview with M.B. BORODOVSKY.

    Distributors in the Web
    Electronic shop window. Ye.Ye. BOGOMOLOV. “Ordering through the Internet will not replace live communication with partners”
    Internet mall. V.Yu. KALININ. “80% of our partners are permanent Internet-mall users”
    e-supermarket. A. MASLENNIKOV. “Fill the interaction with clients with marketing content”
    B.A. KONYAVSKY, G.V. ROSS, V.Ye. LIKHTENSHTEIN. Electronic trade: Russian and global specific features


    CRM: how to become the most charming and attractive company

    CRM focuses on the client

    CRM practice
    A. KOROTKOV. CRM in Russia: fashion or a criterion for success?
    A. KRASOVSKY. From a vendor’s practice
    A. MANIN. “CRM is a vital element of a company’s corporate strategy”


    How should triple play business be done?
    M. Yu. SAMSONOV, A.V. ROSLYAKOV. Triple play: comfort via Set Top Box
    A. POLOUNIN. Information content of triple play services. Classification, algorithm, pitfalls.


    N.A. DMITRICK. A minor law

    The Globe

    A.N. GYDASPOV. Mobile Asia of the third generation

    Lines of Defense

    Ye. DERBENTSEVA. Aiming at spy software


    V.N. MAKSIMENKO, O.I. FALEYEVA. Monitoring: from quality control to VAS
    A. DANILIN. The Ukrainian market of mobile content. On the way to consolidation


    K. ROUSAKOV, D. KNYAZEV. Data storage: foundation for business initiatives


    I. NOVOZHILOVA. IP Centrex – a multiservice outsourcing solution
    Yu. L. ANISIMOV. Half a dozen in one. A compact electronic office


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