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Iridium Introduces Rural Satellite Communications Solutions

27 февраля 2006
Iridium Satellite LLC has announced a new range of solutions for satellite-based rural communications for Africa and other remote regions. “Iridium is offering a wide range of solutions, including fixed or mobile Public Calling Office (PCO) systems, unattended satellite pay phone stations, vehicular systems and asset tracking solutions,” said Greg Ewert, executive vice president of Iridium. “The Iridium-based systems will be inexpensive to install, providing operators an easily deployed facility with minimal investment.” He said Iridium service offerings for rural communications will be packaged and sold by authorized service providers, who will offer a wide range of attractive rural communications solutions and pricing programs, including convenient scratch-card billing. Iridium said it is bringing to Africa reliable, reasonably priced voice communications and Internet access to businesses and consumers in isolated areas that would otherwise be cut off from the rest of the world. It added Iridium is an ideal solution for time-sensitive data applications, such as tracking of critical assets in industries such as mining, resource management, commercial fishing, remote banking and forestry. Iridium provides global voice and data communications through a constellation of 66 low-earth orbiting (LEO) cross-linked satellites. In addition, Iridium said its rural communications solutions can be easily integrated with existing equipment.

Source: Satnews Daily


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