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1Q Decency Complaints Jump in First Quarter

23 мая 2006
The Consumer and Governmental Affairs Bureau at the Federal Communications Commission released its quarterly report on consumer complaints Friday, and the survey showed a spike in the one category that's always troubling for programmers and video services.

The FCC said the number of radio and television broadcasting complaints significantly increased from 44,287 in the fourth quarter to 141,994 in the first quarter. The biggest increase occurred in the obscenity/indecency/profanity category, which jumped from 44,109 to 141,868.

Cable and satellite TV services complaints increased from 225 in the fourth quarter to 290 in the first quarter.

There were increases in each of the radio and broadcasting categories except cable modem service issues, the FCC said.

Wireless complaints decreased from 4,956 in the fourth quarter to 4,616 in the first quarter. There were decreases in each of the wireless categories, the FCC said. Wireline complaint receipts increased from 21,726 to 23,358.


Source: SkyREPORT E-News

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