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ECI Telecom Unveils Powerful Feature Set for Its XDM Optical Platform

13 июня 2006
ECI Telecom announced an extensive set of new features that enhances its end-to-end XDM optical solution, making it one of the most powerful metro/regional WDM/ROADM platforms on the market today for triple play delivery, wireless backhaul, business data connectivity and carrier's carrier networks.

The latest XDM release significantly enhances both WDM/ROADM and SONET/SDH functionality, enabling service providers to build end-to-end optical transport networks (OTN), from access to core/regional, based on a single platform and with significantly simplified operations.

ECI's ROADM solution enables service providers to build agile, scalable and future-proof networks, based on a class-leading 10-degrees WSS ROADM plus a comprehensive lambda management suite. It also features a unique ROADM-optimized amplifier. This total ROADM solution enables service providers to deploy new revenue generating services quicker, easier and without re-engineering the network.

The compact XDM-40 extends DWDM and OTN networks to the access and customer premise. On the other hand, new high-end reach extension technologies, such as enhanced coding for 10G wavelength, LiNbO3 transceivers, and a wide range of optical fiber amplifiers and Raman amplifiers, enable XDM networks to cover more than 1500 Km as well as to cross undersea and remote areas of over 300 Km without in-line amplifiers or regenerators. All of the XDMs share a unique universal base card, upon which all 2.5G and 10G transponders and combiners are configured.

The latest release also offers a full set of OTN-based transponders and combiners, including support of 10G LAN, popular in many switches and routers, over full standard OTN. A new double capacity 120G SONET matrix provides class-leading capacity, used for sub-lambda grooming of various voice and data services over OTN. These OTN features provide better service transparency, Quality of Service (QoS) and interoperability, and offer carriers a full transmission solution based on a single box, thereby reducing both CAPEX and OPEX associated with deploying multiple transmission systems in the same PoP.

Enhanced fully automatic power balancing and a new on-line network connectivity tool minimize manual efforts required to set-up, expand and reconfigure the network, thereby reducing OPEX and ensuring maximum QoS.

Future features that are underway include new 40Gbps transponders and combiners; plus an add-on control card for Automatically Switched Optical Network (ASON). The 40Gbps cards aim at enabling 40Gbps connectivity between core IP routers as well as increasing the total capacity of DWDM networks. The ASON card will enable the upgrade of existing XDM MSTPs to support ASON for traffic restoration, network discovery and more.

ECI's XDM optical platform is managed via ECI's LightSoft network management system, enabling service providers to easily control and provision new services.

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