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Triple-Play to Grow to $145 Billion by 2009

09 августа 2006
According to a recently released study from Yankee Group, between 32 million and 35 million households will make a key communications service decision every year for the next three years.

And what will they be deciding to purchase? These consumers will think about subscribing to a voice, video or data service from a cable, satellite TV or phone company.

Yankee Group also said the average spending during the subscription lifetime of each of these households will vary between $3,854 and $4,481 in the next three years. Consequently, the annual revenue opportunity for the U.S. triple-play market for service providers will grow from $137.5 billion in 2006 to $145.3 billion by 2009, the firm said.

The figures come from Yankee Group's study titled "Defining the Opportunity Market: A Study of the Annual Revenue Opportunity for Residential Broadband Service Providers."

"As more households adopt bundles, the number of households in play each year will decline," the firm said. "By reducing churn, bundles lower the number of households that are up for grabs annually, but they also increase the ARPU and therefore the opportunity value of each household."


Source: SkyREPORT E-News

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