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Hughes Introduces Integrated LMDS/ATM Multiplexer for 3G Cellular

01 сентября 2006
Hughes Network Systems, LLC has introduced a new version of its AB9000 LMDS system. Designed for the most cost-effective backhaul of high-density 3G cellular traffic, the newly released version incorporates an 8-port STM-1 ATM multiplexer built into the LMDS hub station, eliminating the need for a stand-alone ATM switch at the base station.

“3G operators can now significantly reduce the cost of connecting 3G cell sites. By integrating a small ATM mux into our field-proven 26GHz hub radio, not only is the overall footprint and power consumption reduced; it also simplifies network management by integrating provisioning of the ATM mux and LMDS hub station in the same network management system,” said Thomas Hsu, senior vice president of the Terrestrial Microwave division at Hughes. Bhanu Durvasula, assistant vice president of engineering for the TM division, said in most cellular networks, a separate ATM switch at certain hub/traffic points is required to concentrate cell site traffic from microwave or LMDS links and route it into the ATM core.

“Our new integrated AB9000 eliminates the need for this separate ATM switch, performing the grooming and concentration functions within an LMDS hub station, in addition to redundancy protection and re-routing functions,” added Durvasula.


Source: SatNews

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