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iDirect Unveils Spread Spectrum-Enabled Communications-on-the-Move Solution

01 сентября 2006
iDirect Technologies (iDirect), a company of Vision Technologies Systems Inc., announced the launch of their new spread spectrum technology that allows the iDirect platform to enable broadband communications on the move (COTM) over satellite.

iDirect said this technology is designed for military or commercial applications on land, sea or air and represents the first integrated COTM solution industry wide that can be configured to provide star, mesh, SCPC and/or TRANSEC capabilities with the same remote. Spread spectrum technology allows for the implementation of small antennas by mitigating issues associated with spectral density. The net result is a mobile broadband communications network that can provide downstream speeds up to 18 Mbps to any location, in any environment, while end users are on the move. iDirect is recognized for providing IP based satellite hardware.

iDirect's TDMA platform and global Network Management System (NMS) are ideally suited to support mobile applications in diverse conditions and locations. The global NMS allows end users to tune wave forms, providing varying degrees of spectral density to satisfy physical conditions and/or anti-jam requirements.

Because the iDirect platform allows for a single IP address in multiple locations, and can switch satellite beams on the fly, the technology is particularly well suited for mobility over vast distances, the company said. “While this technology was developed to support military applications, it is equally as important in the commercial sector, providing worldwide mobile broadband connectivity for aircraft, ocean vessels, automobiles and trains, John Kealey, iDirect president and CEO said.


Source: SatNews

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