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KVH Releases TracNet 100 Mobile Internet System

01 сентября 2006
KVH Industries new TracNet 100 mobile Internet system with MSN(R) TV service and Microsoft Corp.'s MSN TV division is now available through retailers nationwide. KVH said the TracNet 100 is the solution consumers and businesspeople have been asking for - an integrated product offering convenient mobile, high-speed access to the same Internet services they depend on in their home or office as they travel throughout the United States by car, boat, or RV.

Using high-speed Verizon Wireless EVDO (Evolution Data Optimized) cellular service, the TracNet 100 provides access to MSN TV Internet services, including MSN Mail, MSN Messenger, web browsing, Internet radio, online games, and more. Conveniently displayed on the video screens and TVs in cars, boats, and RVs, MSN TV is well suited for the mobile environment and offers a convenient access point to the Internet. In addition, KVH's custom web portals for mobile users are directly accessible from the MSN TV home page, providing easy access to information that makes travel more entertaining and convenient.

For those users who depend on applications on laptops or PDAs, the TracNet 100 also turns a vehicle or vessel into a mobile hotspot thanks to integrated WiFi that supports multiple users and devices. KVH added the new mobile Internet system arrives at dealers around the country at a time when many consumers say that they want to stay "wired" while traveling on vacation.

“There is a growing demand for mobile access to Internet services, and we are committed to connecting consumers to an array of entertainment, information and communications services,” said Sam Klepper, general manager in the Online Services Group at Microsoft. “KVH provides an excellent platform to bring these services and a wide variety of content to mobile users via the integrated Internet solutions offered by the TracNet 100 and MSN TV services.”

TracNet 100 offers travelers the on-the-move communications and high-speed they require to work efficiently outside their home or office while they're on the road or the water. Where available, the system uses the Verizon Wireless EVDO service, which provides data rates ranging from 400-700 Kbps and is capable of reaching up to 2 Mbps - similar to the broadband connections in the home or office. Verizon Wireless offers EVDO coverage in and surrounding more than 180 cities throughout the continental U.S. with new cities being added regularly. In areas where EVDO service is not currently available, TracNet 100 reverts to the more widely fielded 1xRTT service, which delivers speeds of 60-80 Kbps and bursts of up to 144 Kbps.

The TracNet 100 includes the mobile Internet receiver with a 3-port Ethernet router, infrared (IR) wireless remote, wireless keyboard, 12V DC power adapter, and Verizon Wireless EVDO data card.

In addition, TracNet 100 also comes with a bundled 3W booster and a platform-specific external cellular antenna to ensure the best performance possible in marginal/low signal areas.


Source: SatNews

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