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SingTel customers can now call over GSM/WCDMA and WLAN using VoIP technology

04 сентября 2006
Nokia and SingTel announced today their collaboration to bring together the best of two worlds, 2G/3G and WLAN (Wireless LAN) in an integrated dual-mode telephony solution on Nokia E60, Nokia E61 and Nokia N80 Internet Edition. SingTel's VoIP on mobile service, which is unique in its kind, combines the mobility of cellular and the cost-effectiveness of wireless broadband.

Selected SingTel Mobile subscribers will be invited for a service trial which will allow them to use voice and data services from home and on the move through SingNet Wireless Surf Zones. The commercial launch of the service is expected to be later this year.

"Nokia is pleased to co-operate with SingTel on this industry leading initiative on our range of multiradio mobile devices", said Chris Carr, General Manager, Customer Market and Operations, Nokia Singapore, "Consumers can now experience the power of mobility and benefit from accessing Internet services and calls without being connected to a computer."

Vicki Brady, Vice President (Consumer Marketing), SingTel said, "SingTel is proud to be one of the first operators globally working with Nokia to bring VoIP services over Wireless LAN to our customers using Nokia devices. With SingTel's VoIP on mobile service, our customers can make local calls over the Internet with their VoIP handsets for a fixed monthly fee."

Nokia E60, Nokia E61 and the Nokia N80 Internet Edition are the first Nokia devices that are able to support SIP-based Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). All three devices work on 2G, 3G and WLAN networks. The Nokia N80 Internet Edition is the first ever handset to enable seamless home media networking between compatible TVs, audio systems and PCs.

SingTel's VoIP on mobile service will be available to non-business customers on postpaid mobile plans, allowing them to make unlimited local calls using their SIP-enabled VoIP devices. The service can be accessed using the WiFi network at home or through more than 330 SingTel Wireless Hotspots across the island. The subscription fees for the service will be announced in due time.


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