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Nokia Cost Control supports the use of shared phones

24 октября 2006
Nokia introduces a new solution called Nokia Cost Control. The innovative solution is most beneficial to operators that have a significant, untapped potential in lower-income consumer segments among which shared phones are prevalent. The solution is provided to operators as a software implementation, and it is supported by GSM phones.

Nokia Cost Control is easy to use. When making a phone call from a mobile phone, the caller keys in a simple command string to define the cost of the call before connecting. After the money is spent, the call will be cut off. This gives the caller total control over their spending. Furthermore, the callers can use the calling time they invested in to its full extent, compared to normal charging by the minute. The Nokia Cost Control solution is designed to support consumers in multiple ways, giving the control over the expenditure on single calls, addressing fear of overspending, optimizing the use of call time, and setting transparency in the use of shared phones. Phone sharing lowers the cash barrier to communication, and takes various forms from sharing between friends, roommates or family to small businesses that allow consumers to make calls or send SMS messages for a fee.

"For example in many African countries, especially in urban areas, selling airtime and usage of mobile phones is very popular business. Nokia Cost Control makes these transactions transparent with no fear of overspending. The Nokia Cost Control solution has been designed to meet the needs of the consumers and the operators especially in new growth markets," says Rauno Granath, Director, New Growth Markets, Networks, Nokia. Nokia Cost Control can be implemented with the Nokia Intelligent Network platform and the Nokia Unified Charging Suite, a solution for convergent charging. Nokia Cost Control is the newest addition to Nokia Connect GSM solution. Nokia Connect GSM solution includes a comprehensive portfolio of network features, products and services to assist operators in new growth markets in providing mobile services to new subscriber segments. Nokia Cost Control complements other innovations, such as Nokia Prepaid Tracker and Nokia Connect eRefill, further enhancing the prepaid services that mobile operators can provide to their customers.

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