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Veraz Increases Capacity by up to 10X Between Switch Centers for Mobile Operators

05 декабря 2006
Veraz Networks announced that mobile operators in Asia and other rapidly growing markets can deploy Veraz products to realize an up to ten-fold increase in voice capacity between existing mobile switching centers (MSCs). Veraz's I-Gate 4000 family of media gateways allows service providers to cost-effectively accommodate the growing demand for mobile operators' services. This solution is part of a practical stepwise migration to IMS and NGN.

To increase capacity among MSCs, mobile operators in rapidly growing markets have historically been forced to either build out their own transmission network or lease increased TDM transmission capacity from network providers. Veraz's voice compression technology uses VoIP to increase the capacity of existing TDM transmission links by compressing up to 10 E1s onto a single E1, while preserving high voice quality. By enabling compressed VoIP over TDM using an IP media gateway, Veraz allows mobile operators to accommodate increased traffic on their existing TDM transmission links while avoiding the expenses of building a transmission network or leasing additional TDM transmission capacity.

"As operators think about a migration to VoIP and IMS, simple steps can be taken that have an immediate ROI effect,” said Doug Sabella, CEO of . "We recognize the complete conversion to IMS will not happen overnight, but believe it can be accelerated with solutions that provide great value today while also serving as an integral part of an overall IMS migration plan.”

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