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Cisco to sell Cognio interference solution

08 декабря 2006
If WiFi networks users do not complain about security, they complain about interference. They have a point, too, as we live in an ever-more interference-prone environment. RF interference may come from a nearby WiFi network, wireless telephones, Bluetooth wireless transmissions, microwave ovens, fluorescent lights and even garage-door openers. It is good, therefore, to see Cisco and Cognio jointly working on a project to mitigate and reduce RF noise in WiFi networks. Cisco will sell Cognio's Spectrum Expert solution with Cisco's Wireless Control System. The Spectrum Expert solution runs on a laptop with an antenna connected to a laptop card, and it gives IT managers a readout of radio waves in a sector of a WiFi network and identifies the interfering device.

Cognio's is not the only interference mitigation product on the market. Berkeley Varitronics Systems and Anritsu offer their own solutions, but Cognio appears to be the favorite of IT managers, if for nothing else than for the fact that it is contained within a standard laptop, while other products require a separate box. Cisco's adoption of Cognio's solution is only going to help. Gartner's Philip Redman says: "Analyzing coverage can reduce interference, increase capability for voice over wireless and reduce costs. Many WiFi customers are finding they have overbuilt certain areas and haven't put in an efficient network."

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