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Axerra Networks’ Pseudo-Wire Solutions Deployed by Dataphone

20 декабря 2006
Axerra Networks announced that Dataphone is deploying Axerra’s Pseudo-Wire solutions for PBX backhaul over Ethernet and xDSL. Axerra’s award-winning AXN Pseudo-Wire Gateways and Access Devices enable Dataphone to utilize the power and flexibility of packet networks as a full-service alternative to TDM access in its growing national network.

System delivery and integration functions are being provided by Promacom, which works together with the world’s leading manufacturers of communications equipment.

With Axerra Networks’ Pseudo-Wire solutions, Dataphone is able to deliver the widest range of traditional E1 and emerging services as it backhauls PBX traffic over Ethernet and xDSL. Axerra’s AXN Pseudo-Wire Gateways and Access Devices provide the most comprehensive set of voice and data Pseudo-Wire services in the industry: Circuit Emulation Pseudo-Wire, Frame Relay and HDLC Pseudo-Wires, ATM Pseudo-Wires, plus Ethernet and IP aggregation services while preserving security and QoS/CoS over next-generation packet-access networks.

According to Dataphone and Promacom, Axerra’s Pseudo-Wire solutions underwent a rigorous competitive evaluation and were selected based on the AXN’s unmatched latency reduction features, extensive performance monitoring capabilities, and robust OAM feature set.

“We’re thrilled that Axerra’s solutions were able to meet and even surpass our tough technical requirements,” said Mikael Hugo, Vice President and Head of Technology at Dataphone. “Axerra’s Pseudo-Wire expertise is essential to our plans to reach more customers with full-featured voice and data services.” Dataphone’s initial deployment includes large Pseudo-Wire gateways in several central offices, where each gateway can provide voice and data services to hundreds of business customers.

In addition to offering fixed-line voice and data business services, Dataphone plans to utilize Axerra’s Pseudo-Wire solutions to offer mobile backhaul services in the near future. Axerra Networks continues to lead the industry in live deployments of Pseudo-Wires in mobile backhaul applications. Axerra’s Pseudo-Wire solutions support all generations of mobile wireless services, preserve native signalling and features, enable bandwidth sharing, and provide the clock recovery capabilities that are required for reliable mobile services. AXN Pseudo-Wire Gateways and Access Devices support circuit emulation and VBR service emulation, including Frame Relay/HDLC, Ethernet, and even ATM services required for 2G, 2.5G, and 3G voice and data aggregation from a single box at the cell site.

“Dataphone and Promacom recognize the value of Pseudo-Wire technology to their current and future success,” said Denis Bambury, Axerra’s VP Sales – EMEA. “With Axerra’s Pseudo-Wire solutions, Dataphone will be well-positioned to provide PBX backhaul over Ethernet and xDSL as well as a host of additional revenue-generating services, such as mobile voice and data backhaul.”

Axerra Networks has garnered a number of prestigious industry awards this year. At the 3GSM World Congress in February, Axerra's solutions were named as “commended” finalists in the GSM Association 2006 Awards for “best radio access product or service.” In May, Axerra was named a recipient of the 2006 Red Herring 100 Europe award, which recognizes the 100 top private companies playing a leading role in innovation and technology. In June, Red Herring magazine, in conjunction with Israel Venture Association, identified Axerra as one of the top three Israeli startups in telecommunications and a finalist in the Israeli Startup Contest 2006. Also in June, Axerra was named to FierceMarket's Fierce 15 list, honoring the company's innovations that benefit the wireless market.

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