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Satellite Opportunities in Cellular

23 января 2007
Cellular and mobile operators around the world are often heard complaining that there isn't enough backhaul bandwidth to supply their users. With growing networks come increased demand for bandwidth to sustain heavier traffic - and somewhere down the line, the satellite industry is called upon to help solve the problems.

Most cellular operators are going to be asking for additional backhaul bandwidth next year to sustain these traffic increases and support network upgrades, said a new report from research group NSR. And although basic networks in North America and Europe seem to be well covered, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Latin America are still a work in progress.

In these regions, "Backhauling cellular telephony is becoming a headache for operators who struggle to meet (demands) while keeping basic voice services alive," NSR said. "The cellular backhaul market holds a promising growth potential for the (satellite) industry."

According to the report, in developing countries where the time to market is a significant competitive advantage, the mobile operator "who first backhauls their network with a satellite-based solution gains quick market share and decreases the duration of their deployment." The main focus then becomes carrying voice and data without compromising quality of current services and bringing operating costs down.

Recent ground equipment improvements, NSR said, "have rendered satellite capacity far more efficient in providing new bandwidth that helps cellular operators increase their number of subscribers and decrease churn." The company said it expects cellular backhaul via satellite to primarily be carried over C-band and show continued growth through at least 2011.


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