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HDTV: The Year Ahead

22 января 2007
It's no surprise that high-def TV had a killer year in 2006 as sales skyrocketed both online and at retailers nationwide. With the popularity of the technology reaching new levels, some researchers have projected more than 3.2 million flat-panel HDTVs to be sold to U.S. consumers during the past several weeks.

So with all those new TV sets in American homes, what can viewers expect from HDTV in 2007?

According to one of our favorite new HDTV experts, expect DIRECTV to firmly establish itself as the HDTV king as the company unveils its much-anticipated high-def expansion. HDTV writer Phil Swann (a.k.a. the Swanni, he tells us) said in 2007 DIRECTV will increase its national high-def lineup thanks to two new satellites dedicated largely to HD. Swann(i) said once the birds go up, DIRECTV will have more capacity than any other pay-TV provider.

Swann also said that once DIRECTV expands its capacity, the market will see a flurry of new HDTV channels launching in late spring or early summer. "Until now, a new HDTV channel has had to struggle to get a cable or satellite operator to add it," he said. "But DIRECTV's two new satellites will change that in a heartbeat; they will have room for all." Likely candidates for HD launches, Swann said, could include CNN, E!, TBS, FX and The Sci-Fi Channel.

Other things the Swanni foresees in 2007 for HD: Cable operators will continue to drop analog channels to make room for HDTV, HDTV prices will continue to drop, Apple will introduce an HDTV service and multicasting will continue to struggle.


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