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Efficient and Cost Effective GSM Satellite Backhaul Proven in Tests, Says ViaSat

06 февраля 2007
ViaSat and Verso Technologies have successfully tested a satellite backhaul system for GSM mobile communications that can cut the cost of GSM backhaul through more efficient use of satellite bandwidth.

ViaSat said the system combines ViaSat LinkStar satellite communications networking and Verso NetPerformer technology. The satellite GSM backhaul system was tested in a GSM network in Papua New Guinea for Telikom PNG Ltd. Following the successful trial, Telikom PNG is planning to roll out 50 GSM over satellite remote sites throughout Papua New Guinea, according to ViaSat.

The system packetizes network traffic and dynamically assigns bandwidth based on voice and signaling volumes. Satellite backhaul links have traditionally used a fixed amount of bandwidth in an always-on mode whether traffic is flowing or not. ViaSat said the GSM operators using the ViaSat/Verso system can now cost-effectively expand their coverage to broader service areas where terrestrial or satellite backhaul was not economical before.

The new backhaul system uses ViaSat LinkStar MF-TDMA satellite communications technology that includes advanced bandwidth allocation techniques to assign satellite bandwidth on-demand and Quality of Service features that prioritize calls and data traffic. Bandwidth allocation reduces bandwidth requirements by enabling several backhaul circuits to share a smaller pool of bandwidth. Verso NetPerformer converts the GSM traffic to an efficient IP packet-based format, reducing bandwidth requirements by as much as 50 percent without affecting call voice quality.

In addition, Verso NetPerformer IP routing and acceleration, and legacy voice and data compression enables new services such as Wi-Fi/WiMAX hotspots to share the same network infrastructure, the companies said.

Incorporating the latest DVB-S2 waveform, LinkStarS2 VSATs offer up to 30 percent greater bandwidth efficiency – substantially reducing network operating costs, the two companies added.

ViaSat also includes an S2 receiver in its LinkWayS2 mesh-architecture remote terminals, so customers can integrate both types of terminals into the same the S2-capable LinkStar hub system, enabling powerful and flexible hybrid star/mesh network architectures.

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