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Power Architecture technology for WiMAX baseband applications

15 февраля 2007
Freescale Semiconductor is touting what it describes as the industry's most comprehensive development platform using Power Architecture technology for the creation of WiMAX baseband applications. The WiMAX baseband platform incorporates high-performance PowerQUICC communication technology, StarCore DSPs and an FPGA, and it works together with MAC and PHY software to provide the performance and programmable processing required for production of WiMAX base station products. The design uses a Gigahertz-performance MPC8555E PowerQUICC III communication processor built on Power Architecture technology for MAC processing, two quad-core MSC8126 500Mz DSPs based on StarCore technology for Layer 1 PHY processing and an FPGA for time domain processing. Freescale's QUICC Engine technology enables network termination, and the AMC platform supports different interface technologies including the Gigabit, Serial I/O, and Rapid IO. Report


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