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ECI Telecom Doubles the Capacity and Extends the Reach of its Multi-Degree ROADM Platform

20 июня 2007
ECI Telecom has significantly enhanced its XDM Multi-Service Transport Platform (MSTP) by combining the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of metro and regional systems with the reach and capacity usually offered by long-haul DWDM (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing) systems. With demands for increased capacity and network connectivity rising, customers are seeking converged platforms to deliver new services. ECI has been at the forefront of packet-optical convergence research and development, enabling the delivery of a multitude of data services from a single platform for metro/regional and long haul networking needs. With this enhanced feature set, ECI continues to show leadership in the metro/regional ROADM space, while strengthening our offering in the once again attractive long haul market.

Service providers worldwide continue to upgrade and expand their optical infrastructure in the metro/regional space to support the constantly increasing demand for bandwidth. In the past two years, carrier investment in long haul core networks has also intensified considerably, both for new network buildouts, particularly in emerging markets such as South East Asia, India and Central Eastern Europe, and for the replacement of vintage DWDM gear, especially in mature markets.

"Regional and long-haul DWDM are the fastest growing segments in the optical transport arena, as service providers strive to offer advanced services such as IP video, enterprise and storage data and wireless backhaul," said Sterling Perrin, Senior Analyst at Heavy Reading. "Carriers are looking for a combination of higher performance, greater flexibility, and capex and opex reductions as they upgrade their network infrastructure. ECI's XDM, with the new feature set, addresses these key operator requirements." Highlights of this new XDM feature set include doubling the total channel capacity, representing a total throughput of 800 Gbps per single fiber pair, as well as extending the overall reach to 2,000 Km, primarily by introducing a new set of very long reach transponders, and very high power fiber amplifiers. The improved capacity and reach provide greater savings by eliminating the need for multiple systems, higher reliability by eliminating inter-system cabling, improved service agility for on-demand expansion and content sharing across regions as multi-degree ROADMs allow simple provisioning, and overall higher Quality of Experience (QoE).

These enhanced capabilities, combined with the existing rich feature set of high-capacity SDH/SONET and Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF)-certified Ethernet/MPLS switching, further positions the XDM as a unique converged platform for packet, TDM and ROADM, both for metro and core networks This approach enables carriers to build their networks today cost effectively, while insuring that they have what is needed for next-generation Ethernet/IP-based services. It is a smooth transition that preserves capital investment, saves in users' training and enables rapid service turn up. Key to the evolution of the XDM's capabilities is the ECI LightSoft network management system, which provides full control and provisioning of new services in an E2E manner with robust and expected functionality.

"Although this new feature set is scheduled to be commercially available by year end, we have already received orders from customers,” said Eyal Shaked, Executive Vice President and General Manager of ECI Telecom's Transport Networking Division (TND). "The XDM is continuing to fulfill the promise of seamlessly and cost effectively transitioning customers as their business needs grow and change. The XDM's inherent converged architecture has protected their investments.”

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