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ESA Commits To Upgraded DVB–H Standard With Funding

16 августа 2007
Initially, the European Union endorsed DVB–H (Digital Video Broadcasting-Handheld) as the broadcast standard for mobile phones. This technology was formally adopted as ETSI (European Telecommunications Standard Institute) standard EN 302 304 in November of 2004. DVB–H is a superset of DVB–T (Digital Video Broadcasting-Terrestrial) system and includes additional features for handheld, battery–powered receivers, such as time slicing for reduction of power consumption as well as high data rates for downstream channels.

Joining in with the EU in approval of DVB–H is the European Space Agency (ESA). But with the EU, there is more than just talk involved, as the ESA is going to fund the development of technologies to bring TV to mobile devices through satellite transmissions. Naturally, the ESA has altered the name of the standard to one more suited to their own endeavors. The ESA calls the standard DVB–SH for Digital Video Broadcast–Satellite, Handheld). Video would be broadcast in the S–band, with indoor coverage assured through the use of terrestrial repeaters.

Invitations to tender for firms wishing to develop the DVB–SH technologies will be published during the upcoming year. The first requirement will be a chipset able to receive and decode DVB–SH signals.


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