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Report: Sat Market Growing, U.S. Role Less

24 августа 2007
The communications satellite sector is thriving across the entire planet, but manufacturers here in the States may not see as much growth. A new study suggests that while satellites are becoming an increasingly efficient means of offering advanced communications services, the share of satellite-related business may be headed overseas.

According to the latest study from Forecast International, the global communications satellite market is expected to generate deliveries of nearly 300 satellites during the next 10 years. However, the firm's research also suggests that the U.S. share of those orders could possibly be headed for a downturn.

Forecast's "Commercial Communications Satellites, 2007-2016" report says while demand for satellite services is growing, an increase in satellite size, power and service life actually has decreased the overall demand for satellites.

The firm said roughly 218 geostationary and medium-Earth orbit satellites will be delivered during the time period valued at nearly $26 billion. The low-Earth orbiting market, Forecast said, should see nearly 70 new spacecrafts produced worth about $927 million - thanks to fleet replacement initiatives from Globalstar and Orbcomm.

The study said the U.S. share of the manufacturing market has declined by almost 30 percent throughout the past three years. Forecast data shows that in 2004, 75 percent of the global commercial communications satellites ordered were awarded to three U.S. companies, while only three orders went to non-U.S. builders. That number dropped to 63 percent in 2005 and 40 percent last year.


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