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U.S.A.F.’s GPS Fleet Transition Upgrade

27 августа 2007
Transitioning the Global Positioning System (GPS) ground segment to the new Architecture Evolution Plan (AEP) has the U.S. Air Force (USAF) completing their final plan for this event. Under contract with Boeing, the Space and Missile Systems Center’s GPS Wing developed the AEP. This means the legacy 70s-era mainframe computer at the 50th Space Wing at Schriever AFB in Colorado will finally be replaced.

The Air Force team, as well as contractors from Boeing, Lockheed Martin and The Aerospace Corporation, have been preparing for this transition since March of 2006. GPS service will not be interrupted as the changeover occurs over a period of four to six days. The transfer control to AEP will happen one satellite at a time and users should not notice this transition.

The ground segment provides command and control of satellites. It also generates the navigation message for satellites to broadcast to users for determination of their position on the earth. The system is comprised of up to 30 satellites in orbit, which broadcast the navigation message to users throughout the world.


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