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Questions on the IKS # 10 Cover Story. SMB-Field of Operator Harvest: Secrets of Raising Crop Yield

27 августа 2007
ANNOUNCEMENT. The small and medium-sized business market is an immense field, which has place for both Fixed Network Operators, mobile operators, and Internet providers. By the beginning of 2007, in Russia there were 979 million small and medium-sized businesses, which accounted for 18% share in the gross national product.

However, telecommunication yield of SMB-field depends on organizational and technological readiness of operators to earn both from service quality and number of clients in a great degree. For this purpose, they have to generate a new standard (in good marketing sense) of product offer, carrying out of flexible pricing policy and high-level automation of client servicing.

To enable the readers to evaluate broad range of operators' products and services for SMB-clients, in addition to our traditional questions, we suggest to try and optimize the telecommunication and informational infrastructure in N, medium-sized company (we admit, it is a real company). During this experiment, we plan to identify the most cost-effective solutions for this market segment.

N. Company's Background.

Form of ownership: private. Business segment: supply of storage systems.

Staff number: 75 persons, out of them 30% - customer contact managers, corporate cellular transmission tariff is not used.

Annual sales volume: $3-4 million

Has offices in Moscow and St.-Petersburg and storage facilities in the suburbs of Moscow and St.-Petersburg, which are currently not linked via any telecommunication and informational infrastructure.

Monthly, 1% of sales volume is used for payment for communication and Internet.

In Moscow, the Internet and telephony services are provided to the Company by different operators.

LAN networks in Moscow and Petersburg are not integrated, there is no single corporate e-mail address.

Computer maintenance is outsourced, there is no staff specialist in charge of telecommunication arrangement.

Pressing needs: audit of telecommunication infrastructure, proposals on its optimization, mobile Internet for field employees; uniform local area network for offices and a warehouse; optimization of expenses for intercity and international calls.

Alexandra Krylova, IKS observer, is awaiting your "commercial offers" for N company and your answers to his questions till August 20, 2007 at the editorial office's e-mail address iks@iks-media.ru.
Questions for readers wishing to participate in editorial of IKS issue 10/2007
SMB-Field of Operator Harvest: Secrets of Raising Crop Yield
  1. What commercial offers would you make to N company in view of its activity specifics?
  2. Currently, what is the ratio between major customers and SMB customers in the operator's customer database?
  3. What is the share of revenues for service rendering to SMB-clients in the corporate revenue structure? What is your assessment of its dynamics during the last 2-3 years?
  4. What are the specifics of dealing with small and medium-sized businesses? Is it taken account by the operator's organizational and business-structure and to what extent?
  5. What are the sources from which the operator receives the information on customers' needs in the small and medium-sized business segment?
  6. According to your experience, what is the amount of telecommunication expenses such companies are currently ready to absorb?
  7. What are priorities of small and medium-sized businesses regarding communication services? What services are perceived by them as base ones? What services do they consider optional?
  8. What is your assessment of Triple Play prospects for small and medium-sized businesses?
  9. According to your experience, what technologies (or their combination) have already proved their economically efficient operation in SMB segment?
  10. What is your assessment of service outsourcing for small and medium-sized businesses? What factors hinder development?
  11. What plans of SMB market development (customer base extension, market shares, increasing segment share in revenues) does the operator have?
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