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Sales of Smartphones to Total 2.5 Billion During 2010 to 2015

13 мая 2010

Coda Research Consultancy forecasts that worldwide sales of smartphones will total 2.5bn units throughout 2010 to 2015. It also anticipates that sales will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 24% by the end of the period.

Smartphone sales throughout Asia Pacific will grow by +26% CAGR, and units sold in the region will total 0.83bn during the forecast period. Coda forecasts that China will dominate sales. "Despite selling only 7m smartphones in the final quarter of 2009, we forecast that sales in China will rise by +29% CAGR, to reach 98m in 2015, driven partly by falling prices, 3G roll out and a burgeoning middle class," says Steve Smith, company founder.

Other forecasts from Coda's new report on the global smartphone market show that North America sales will grow by +23% CAGR, and Central and South America by +33% CAGR. Smartphone sales across the Americas will total 0.83bn during the forecast period.

Smartphone sales in Western Europe will rise by +20% CAGR, dominated by sales in UK, France, Germany and Spain. Sales in Eastern Europe will grow by +25% CAGR, and sales in Middle East and Africa will rise by +21% CAGR.

Источник: Cellular news

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