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FCC to End Two-Year Wait on White Space Spectrum

07 сентября 2010

The FCC may finalize provisions for the use of white space spectrum opened by the switch to digital television at its September open meeting.

The vote could end a two-year delay on a 2008 order that allowed unlicensed wireless devices to operate in unused parts of TV spectrum. If opened, the white space spectrum could be a boon for advanced Wi-Fi technologies and other broadband services.

Use of white space spectrum has been held up by concerns that unlicensed devices operating in the band could cause interference with broadcast signals and wireless microphones.

The agency’s 2008 proposal required devices operating in white space spectrum to pass FCC certification and come equipped with spectrum-sensing technology. The 2008 order also required devices to have a geolocation capability and provisions to access an online database of the incumbent services.

The FCC will also tackle E911 at its open meeting. The agency will vote on an order making wireless operators provide more detailed E911 location information and methods to make E911 more accurate for VoIP-based calls. 

Источник: Wireless Week

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