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Ease of use, lack of trust threaten to stifle mobile money

24 октября 2012

Mobile money providers need to build trust and make their services easier to use if they are to capitalise on the surging demand coming from emerging markets, warned Visa on Tuesday.

90% of participants in a survey carried out by the payment processing giant and its mobile money arm Fundamo expressed interest in using mobile money services, but 64% said ease of use represents a primary barrier to adoption, while 55% cited lack of trust in mobile money providers and agents. The survey covered 2,500 consumers, mobile money agents and merchants in Bangladesh, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Nigeria and Pakistan.

"One key learning from this study could be summarised as 'it's not what you say, it's how you say it'," said Gavin Krugel, Visa's head of emerging market customer strategy and market activation. "This single insight has massive implications for the vernacular used in mobile money menu structures, the education of mobile money agents and consumers, and creation of mass-market advertising."

Awareness of mobile money services was considerable at 56% on average across the six countries surveyed. Ghana and Pakistan topped the list with awareness among respondents of 93% and 89% respectively.

In terms of what people want to use mobile money services for, sending money to relatives, paying bills, and putting money aside for the future all ranked highly.

"Our potential for driving far-reaching social and economic change, while at the same time growing transaction volumes in developing countries, is significant," said Fundamo chief executive Hannes van Rensburg.

Indeed, Gartner in May predicted the global m-payment market will be worth $617 billion by 2016, with Asia-Pacific and Africa together accounting for 60% of worldwide transaction volumes.

"But we'll limit that potential if we don't learn to stop and really listen to our customers," warned Rensburg.

Источник: Total Telecom

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