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Satnews Daily: в декабре Казахстан запустит свой первый спутник

02 декабря 2005
Премьер-министр Казахстана Даниал Ахметов сообщил, что в конце декабря с Байконура будет запущен первый национальный спутник связи и вещания KazSat. Головной организацией по его созданию выступает Государственный космический научно-производственный центр имени М.В. Хруничева (РФ):

Kazakhstan to Launch its First Satellite in December

ASTANA, Kazakhstan, Dec. 1, 2005/ Satnews Daily/ Kazakhstan Prime Minister Danial Akhmetov has announced the launch of Kazakhstan's first communications satellite, KazSat, in late December from Baikonur. During a visit at the Energia Rocket and Space Corp. at Korolev near Moscow last week, Akhmetov said a second satellite is to be launched within two years that will start the country's satellite network. “At the present time, we are working on creating a constellation of satellites,” Akhmetov said. KazSat is being constructed by the Krunichev Space Centre but the manufacturer for the country's second satellite has yet to be announced. Akhemetov suggested that Kazakhstan could order the second satellite from Energia, depending on its competitive pricing. “We wish to diversify our suppliers of space products,” the Prime Minister said. Another space project of the country is the Ishim satellite launching system, which is being developed by Kazakhstan in cooperation with the Moscow Institute of Thermal Engineering. Unlike costly conventional launch complexes, the Ishim system will use a modified missile launched from a Mig-31 fighter jet. The system, according to Kazakhstan officials, will be perfect for launching small payloads of up to 160 Kg. The Kazakhstan government has already instructed KazCosmos and KazMunaiGas to study the possibilities of using such small satellites for geological prospecting as well as for monitoring pipelines. According to the Prime Minister, long-term projects for Kazakhstan's space program include participating in the development of the "Kliper" spacecraft that will replace Soyuz as well as the development of the Baiterek rocket launching complex.


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