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Combined Nokia, Sourcefire solution protects before, during and after an attempted attack

23 ноября 2006
Nokia announced the availability of Nokia Intrusion Prevention with Sourcefire, an enterprise security solution that combines three powerful security capabilities to protect inside and outside the network perimeter as enterprises become increasingly mobile.

Nokia Intrusion Prevention with Sourcefire is a dedicated appliance-based security solution that combines all three elements required for the most effective threat prevention with the least business disruption: intrusion prevention (IPS/IDS), vulnerability analysis, and network behavior analysis (NBA) including network change detection. The Sourcefire 3D System was named the "Best Security Solution" of 2006 by SC Magazine, and is an SC Awards 2007 finalist for Best Intrusion Detection/Prevention Solution. Offering Sourcefire software on hardened, purpose-built, high-performance Nokia IP Security Platforms gives customers a powerful intrusion prevention solution backed by the global scale and world-class First Call - Final Resolution support services of Nokia. Customers already using Nokia appliances for firewall capabilities can now adopt the same appliance model for intrusion prevention.

"Enterprise customers face challenges as mobile devices, smart phones, laptops, wireless networks, PDAs and other remote access technologies erode the network perimeter and introduce the opportunity for multiple points of vulnerability," said Tom Furlong, vice president, Security and Mobile Connectivity, Nokia. "Nokia Intrusion Prevention gives companies an always-on view of users, the network and applications, enabling them to discover what is going on within the network, determine the impact to the business, and defend the network in real time."

Nokia Intrusion Prevention is a complete solution, combining Nokia's purpose-built IP Security platform with Sourcefire applications. A complement to the existing Nokia security portfolio, Nokia Intrusion Prevention consists of the following:
  • Sourcefire Intrusion Sensor for Nokia inspects incoming traffic for known and unknown irregularities, generates alerts, blocks traffic or even replaces malicious code with benign code based on pre-defined security policies. Based on the highly regarded Snort® detection engine, Sourcefire Intrusion Sensors use a powerful combination of signature, protocol and anomaly-based inspection methods to examine packets at both the IP protocol and application level.
  • Sourcefire Real-time Network Awareness (RNA) for Nokia provides intelligent network monitoring through a combination of passive network discovery, behavioral profiling, and integrated vulnerability analysis to deliver the benefits of real-time network profiling and change management. Information gathered by RNA sensors can be used before and after a threat to remediate an attack as well as fine-tune the Intrusion Sensors, making them more efficient and less likely to generate false positives and false negatives. The network behavior analysis (NBA) tool provides organizations with the ability to continually analyze packets, assets, and the flow of data over the network for increased threat vulnerability management.
  • Sourcefire Defense Center for Nokia handles hundreds of millions of events for identification of long-term security trends, while also allowing in-depth forensic analysis down to the individual packet level. Designed to scale to enterprise-wide deployments, the system manages sensor policies, correlates Intrusion and RNA sensor events and alerts, configures alert responses and sets user administration privileges from one central location.

"The Nokia Intrusion Prevention offering is an excellent choice for anyone looking to further secure their network," said Toby Penn, Senior Security Engineer, Information Security Technology, Inc. "In one solution, you get the renowned Nokia support and service coupled with the rich feature set you would expect from Sourcefire. Add all of this to the connection to the SNORT open source community and you have a winning proposition."

"In an increasingly mobile business environment, it is critical that companies are protected from all potential threats - both internal and external - and at all vectors," said Tom McDonough, president and COO, Sourcefir. "Nokia Intrusion Prevention with Sourcefire provides intelligence before an attack, blocking during an attempted attack, and rapid containment/remediation afterwards." Nokia Intrusion Prevention is available today on the Nokia IP390 security platform, which is purpose-built for security in both traditional and mobile business environments and features the hardened Nokia IPSO(TM) LX operating system. Nokia Intrusion Prevention on Nokia IP390 is offered in two performance options, 250 Mbps and 400 Mbps. The system provides up to four ports of in-line prevention monitoring plus three ports of passive RNA monitoring from a single appliance. The system features four integrated 10/100/1000 Ethernet interfaces and has two front-facing PCI expansion slots, supporting up to four additional Gigabit Ethernet interfaces in fail open and non-fail open configurations (copper or fiber).

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