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New certified technology, the WiFi Protected Setup, launched in November

07 декабря 2006
In the early 1960s, as the United States began to increase its arsenal of nuclear bombs and expand its fleet of ICBMs, the question was often asked: "How much security is enough?" We don't know about nuclear weapons, but when it comes to WiFi, the technology has not yet reached the point where such a question would arise. This is why wireless routers will soon be afforded an additional level of protection. According to Sandeep Parikh, project manager for the Wi-Fi Alliance, the alliance's new specification, the WiFi Protected Setup, launched in November.

The new certified technology, which is the first to be independently developed by the Wi-Fi Alliance itself, reduces the number of steps it takes to set up a secure home or small business network. The new system also is included as part of Windows Vista, and it works with computers and other peripherals. WiFi Protected Setup lets users just push a button or enter a PIN into a wizard-type application. Users are able to initiate a WPS mode on a gateway and then enter a simple sequence of digits, and then press a button to initiate a secure key exchange to retrieve the WPA key.

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