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AT&T mobile videoshare, mentions IPTV tie-in

18 июля 2007
AT&T announced the launch of AT&T Video Share, a new service enabling users to share live video over mobile devices while participating in voice calls. According to AT&T, Video Share enables one-way, live streaming video feeds, viewable by both participants in a two-way voice conversation; while touting the service as a means for subscribers to share video from events like weddings and related celebrations, the operator also outlined a series of potential enterprise applications like viewing real estate and facilitating insurance claims.

The first service delivered via AT&T's next-gen IMS network platform, Video Share is now available in Atlanta, Dallas and San Antonio--in late July, the service will expand across the carrier's 3G footprint. AT&T will offer Video Share at prices of $4.99 per month for 25 minutes of usage or $9.99 per month for an hour of usage. Subscribers may also select a pay-as-you-go option at 35 cents per minute.

"Video Share is groundbreaking today as a wireless-to-wireless service, but the potential for the service will expand even further in the near future," said AT&T chairman and CEO Randall Stephenson during his NXTcomm keynote. "Imagine watching television when a notice pops on the screen that a daughter or granddaughter would like to initiate a Video Share call, then immediately switching the television screen to accept the video and audio. With our powerful IP-based network and flexible IMS platform, these scenarios will eventually be reality."

Stephenson also noted that the service would make it's way to the PC screen and television screen very soon. Mobile-to-U-Verse live video feeds? Maybe soon enough.


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