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iDIRECT Announces DVB–S2/ACM Migration For Release in Fourth Quarter 2007

10 августа 2007
iDirect will implement a DVB–S2 product line with Adaptive Coding and Modulation (ACM) fully integrated within its system architecture that will support the DVB–S2 digital broadcast standard. iDirect's next–generation satellite communications platform, available in the fourth quarter of 2007, will provide its customers with dramatic bandwidth efficiency improvements. Based on an extensive nine–month test program, iDirect's DVB–S2/ACM technology was determined to achieve consistent bandwidth gains of 50 percent or greater over non–ACM offerings according to typical network profiles.

In creating the industry’s most advanced DVB–S2/ACM system, iDirect has designed its integrated ACM solution from the ground up, not superimposing it on a pre–existing DVB–S2 system. All current and future iDirect technologies will be overlaid on iDirect’s next–generation platform, which will optimize ACM performance and maximize the benefits of DVB–S2/ACM throughout all features of iDirect’s platform including Group Quality of Service (GQoS), encryption and its Network Management System (NMS). iDirect’s DVB–S2/ACM will deliver unique advantages such as:
  • More efficient bandwidth utilization: iDirect’s ACM technology enables each remote to operate at the most efficient coding and modulation scheme dependent upon its location within the satellite contour, antenna size and current weather conditions. In addition the highest information rate possible on the outbound carrier offers the benefits of single–carrier transponder saturation. This provides network operators the flexibility to dramatically save on bandwidth, increase data throughput or expand their networks.
  • Real–time monitoring to maximize ACM gains: iDirect’s ACM system automatically provides real–time information to the hub regarding how well the outbound link data is being received by the remote. The hub then, on a site by site basis, adapts the specific modulation and coding scheme to adjust for any degradation of the data link to each remote, and provides data to iDirect’s NMS for the network operator to see the ACM benefits in real time.
  • Simplified network design: To configure the ACM system, a network operator simply chooses the worst–case link budget within the network that would be used in a CCM system. iDirect’s ACM system then automatically exploits the clear–channel margin for each individual remote in the network.
  • An effortless upgrade path: iDirect’s system leverages existing iDirect iNFINITI hubs, eliminating the need for costly, full–network upgrades to realize the total benefits of DVB–S2/ACM.

"iDirect is introducing a superior approach to DVB–S/ACM that will leapfrog existing offerings. We are providing customers with an intelligent upgrade path to DVB–S2/ACM, leveraging their existing investment in iDirect’s network infrastructure. Our customers will have the best technology available and the simplest approach to our next–generation platform."—David Bettinger, Chief Technology Officer, iDirect .

To support DVB–S2/ACM, iDirect will unveil a new line of remote satellite routers and line cards as well as software upgrades to iDS including NMS that will be compatible with iDirect’s existing hub infrastructure.


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