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ECI Telecom First to Announce Integration of IMS Architectural Elements into Access Node

29 марта 2007
ECI Telecom announced the integration of IMS elements into a multi-service access node (MSAN), allowing it to function as a gateway and policy enforcement point. ECI's Hi-FOCuS(TM)-5 is an IMS-tuned MSAN which also supports voice with the industry's highest density, non-blocking, 64-port voice line card. This is the industry's first MSAN to offer carriers an alternative architectural model for IMS deployment that can deliver significantly lower cost for the build-out of next-generation networks.

The current model within an IMS network uses centralized Border Gateway Function (BGF). With this alternative architectural model, carriers are able to distribute the control and policy enforcement capabilities (such as admission control and traffic management) between the MSAN and the edge router. This model better suits the emerging multi-edge, distributed architectures accommodating massive deployments.

"By incorporating IMS elements directly into its MSAN platform, ECI Telecom is enabling operators to cost-effectively connect the access and control layers for next-generation voice networks”, said Teresa Mastrangelo, Principal Analyst with Broadbandtrends. "This feature and the new voice capabilities provide operators with flexible options to offer a variety of solutions for enhanced, revenue-generating voice services”.

IMS-tuned capabilities include H.248 protocol, as well as the Access Node Control Protocol (ANCP), allowing service providers to connect the MSAN directly to the IMS and ETSI TISPAN control layer. In addition to supporting these protocols, ECI's Hi-FOCuS-5 MSAN has policy enforcement capabilities that allow it to act as a Policy Enforcement Point (PEP) in IMS architecture. The MSAN's policy capabilities improve the service providers' abilities to monitor and control, as well as scale authentication and subscriber rights.

These new features enable ECI's MSAN to support dual voice deployment models for both voice PSTN Class-5 emulation and voice over broadband (VoBB) simulation within the same platform. By supporting high-capacity 64-port non-blocking voice line cards, ECI's Hi-FOCuS-5 guarantees higher quality of service and enhanced user experience.

"With the newly-introduced voice enhancements to the Hi-FOCuS-5 MSAN, customers receive an IMS-ready, field-proven access platform that allows them to ease the migration to IMS architecture," said Zvika Weinshtock, VP Marketing of ECI Telecom's Broadband Access Division of ECI Telecom. "These new and unique capabilities demonstrate ECI's ability to provide forward-thinking, innovative solutions for access and next-generation voice networks.”

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