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US Regulator Investigates Portable Communications Networks for Emergencies

23 сентября 2011

The USA telecoms regulator, the FCC has outlined proposals for how "deployable aerial communications architecture" (DACA) can be used to provide communications following a catastrophic event when the terrestrial communications infrastructure is severely damaged or unavailable.

The white paper includes recommendations to the Commission for next steps on how to incorporate this technology into the USA's communications infrastructure.

"We are reminded daily that a catastrophic disaster, natural or otherwise, can occur anytime and anywhere. Terrestrial communications services are often severely impaired -- or knocked out entirely -- during these events, which complicates even the most prepared response effort. It is vitally important that we examine technologies that have potential to improve emergency response when these events occur. This white paper starts us firmly on that path." said James A. Barnett, Jr., Rear Admiral (ret.), Chief of the FCC's Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau.

"This study examines the use of communications capabilities on aerial platforms -- such as piloted aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles and balloons -- currently employed by our Nation's military as another valuable tool for our first responders and disaster recovery professionals."

The paper offers an analysis of how DACA could fit into the restoration of communications services in the early hours immediately after a catastrophic event.

The aim is that DACA is deployable 12 to 18 hours after a catastrophic event to restore critical communications, including broadband, temporarily for a period of 72 hours or more. This capability would be useful in situations where the power grid may be inoperable for several days, depleting back-up power supplies and resulting in an almost complete failure of landline, cellular, public safety radio, broadcast, and cable transmissions, as well as Wi-Fi and Internet services.

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