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Romania Consults on Releasing Additional Radio Spectrum

26 января 2012

Romania's telecoms regulator, Ancom has opened a consultation on releasing additional radio spectrum that is currently part-used by the Ministry of Defence (MapN).

The blocks of spectrum are in the 830-862 MHz, 1747.5-1785 MHz, 1842.5-1880 MHz and 2500-2690 MHz frequency bands.

The MApN release of these bands means changing the destination and refarming these bands, and this is only possible upon shifting the existing applications to other radio frequency bands. Ancom said that it is therefore essential that MApN benefits from a sufficient time horizon to purchase and install the new equipment, as well as from the necessary financial resources to release these radio frequency bands.

MApN has evaluated the costs incurred by the change of destination or refarming of these bands to EUR 93 million, in the case of the 830-862 MHz band, EUR 130.2 million, in the case of the 2500-2690 MHz band, and EUR 11.2 million, in the case of the 1747.5-1785 MHz and 1842.5-1880 MHz bands.

These costs will be partly covered from the Ancom budget. The remaining amount of the estimated costs will be borne from the licence fee charged to the companies that win the bids to license the spectrum.

According to the deadlines proposed under the draft ordinance, MApN will release the bands within maximum six months from the payment of the amounts provided for in the draft normative act.

Источник: Cellular news

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