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Yamaha hooks up piano to Web - for $35,000

16 января 2008

First the radio replaced the piano. Now, the piano is getting its revenge.

Yamaha hooks up piano to Web - for $35,000Yamaha's Disklavier is an Internet-connected piano that, with its DisklavierRadio service, streams Internet radio stations suited specifically for the piano - such as classical and jazz - for a subscription fee of $20 per month. A new service called DisklavierMusicStore allows users to download permanent music files to the piano's built-in 80 GB hard drive.

Users can access either the streaming or downloadable music to teach themselves to play the instrument by playing along in synch with the tunes, or just let it play itself like a player piano. A high-speed Internet connection is required. Users can control the piano and schedule downloads via a Wi-Fi-connected remote control.

The Disklavier is available at Yamaha dealerships nationwide or via the company's Web site for $35,000.

Источник: Reuters

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